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"Eight days leave per month" to create a precedent for retailing industry

Most of the employees of Hong Kong retail industry, in general, work 6 days a week with long working hours which prone to physically and mentally fatigued and affecting working performance. HKJEBN understand the above problems, for implementing the philosophy of providing ideal working environment so that employees can fully relieve the work pressure and have enough rest time.
As early as late 2003, HKJEBN has launched "Eight days leave per month" program in two phases. First launched in all shops and created a precedent for retailing industry.

From August of 2014 onwards, an enhanced 5-days work arrangement will apply to all shops and the production department. All staff members who have already worked for one year will be able to enjoy a 5-days working week. This will allow the staff to have sufficient time to rest. The policy will benefit both the staff reporting to production department and logistic department as well. This is a pioneering benefit in an industry that the people working have commonly described as having both long working hours and a lack of time for rest.

Additional Childcare Leave for female employees

The company understands the pressures of new mothers. In order to balance the demands of work and the needs of childcare, the company established “Additional Childcare Leave” for eligible female employees of Hong Kong and Macau from May 2015. Female employees who are employed under a “continuous contract” will be entitled for additional 10 days’ Childcare Leave.

Optimize Paternity Leave and additional Childcare Leave to male employees

After referring the Ordinance and reviewing company policy, the company increased paternity leave from the current 3 days to 5 days for eligible male employees of Hong Kong and Macau. Male employees who are employed under a “continuous contract” will be entitled for 5 days paternity leave from 1 January 2018 in respect of the birth of each child. Understanding every father need to spend more time to look after the family as well as to work because of the new born baby, the company has offered 5 days childcare leave for all eligible male employees of Hong Kong and Macau from 1 January 2018.

Birthday Leave for all Hong Kong and Macau employees

The company reviews and improves employee benefits from time to time, we established “Birthday Leave” for Hong Kong and Macau employees in January 1, 2014, all employee can take one day off during their birthday month, so they can enjoy their birthday, balancing work and family life.

Health Checkup for Employees

The Company concerns the health and the well-being of employees, Health Checkup program, injection of Hepatitis A Vaccination and injection of Flu Vaccination have been provided to all eligible employees free of charge. In 2017-2018, the Company further enhanced the Health Checkup program by offering option to employees to upgrade the checkup items in designated duration.