Wedding Engagement Gift Set (Premium) Wedding engagement set  Price Per Set 

Product Code : 81028610

Origin : Packed in Hong Kong

Nature :
Additional Gift Set:
Traditional Tea 1 can x 2
Coconut x 2 pairs
Candles x 2 pairs
Chinese Couplet x 2 pairs
Red pocket envelope x 2
All-inclusive envelope x 2
Happiness envelope x 2
Traditional Fruit and Nuts x 2

Element :
Selected Bamboo Fungus(75.6g x 2)
Fish Maw(Big) (302g x 2)
Hokkaido Dried Scallop (Large)(302g x 2)
Japanese thick Mushroom(302g x 2)
Australian Natural Canned Abalone with prime soup (2 pc / Drained Weight :140g) (1 can x 2)

Exclusively available in certain stores, may call hotline if any inquiry
Retail Price : HKD 8288.00
Membership Price : HKD 7888.00
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