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As the society advances, the segmentation of work becomes more and more refined. Through callaboration, everyone can be able to work better on their specialized area. Our company is the first dried seafood and Chinese medicine chain store in Hong Kong and our purchase amount is over $2 billion every year. If your company is the exporter from the origin of the following products or you do direct import, please contact the following related person.

Goods Description

Cordyceps, Bird's Nests, Japanese sea cucumbers and dried abalones, fish maw, scallops, mushrooms, dried seafood, frozen seafood, dried fruit, nuts, American ginseng, stew ingredients, herbs, Japanese products, Korean products, international products​.

Department Contact person(s)
Purchasing Dept.
China / H.K. / Taiwan
Contact person(s) Ms. Li / Ms. Lee
E-mail maggie.py.li@hkjebn.com
Phone 2707 1742
Fax 2243 5111
Purchasing Dept.
Contact person(s) Mr. Chan / Ms. Yuen
E-mail ben.wp.chan@hkjebn.com
Phone 2707 1785
Fax 2707 9870
Purchasing Dept.
Indonesia / Malaysia
Contact person(s) Ms. Wong / Mr. Ng
E-mail melani.mw.wong@hkjebn.com
Phone 2707 1747
Fax 2388 4579
Purchasing Dept.
Japan / Korea
Contact person(s) Mr. Li / Mr. Ng
E-mail zh.li@hkjebn.com
Phone 2707 1749
Fax 2707 9336
Purchasing Dept.
Materials and Equipment
Contact person(s) Mr. Sin / Mr. Lee
E-mail sm.sin@hkjebn.com
Phone 2707 1748
Fax 3017 5515
Marketing Dept.
Packing Materials
Contact person(s) Ms. Lai / Ms. Chiu
E-mail penny.sm.lai@hkjebn.com
Phone 2707 1998
Fax 3020 8628

As food affects the basic human needs of each and every person, there is vast demand for different types of food and there seems to be an abundance of business opportunities. On the other hand, businesses involving the procurement, production, sales of food, and their relevant industrial chains, are generally regarded as low-end sectors with little value addition. With certain short-sighted people and those who are not satisfied with humble profit margins in the sector, a climate of corruption can be easily formed in the industry. To protect us end consumers, our family and friends, HK JEBN has formulated the anti-corruption clause.

Please note:

  • The Company is an advocate of operating with honesty and integrity. We do not accept or give out any personal interests. Any complaint or commendation should be forwarded to our Administration Department at (852) 2707 9111.
  • Any bribery act of solicitation or acceptance of advantages would not only lead to termination of cooperation between both parties, but also resulted in the reporting of the incident to government authorities and the investigation of the incident in accordance with the law.